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No one calls her index_librorum_prohibitorum, it's just index
Hmmm... new comment yet the "Comment" button wasn't "glowing" ... yet when someone posted in the forum it, the "Forum" "glowed" ... hmmm....
It does that a lot on imouto, so it's not unexpected. If you refresh, change to another page or another site and come back then it will go italic.
No, no. I mean it wasn't glowing like it usually does.... what I meant was that the "Forum" section was bold when someone posted a messege and the "Comment" section didn't glow when a comment was posted. Might be a small bug, but I think it's back to normal.
Fucking footer text flooding.
YagamiShinji said:
Fucking footer text flooding.
I don't like it either, but there is nothing wring with them and it is at least confined to the footer.
This vector of index is on imouto but you'll nee to use selective blur or edge preserving smooth (a very low setting does fine) because it's tagged for jpeg artifacts.
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