aa_megami-sama belldandy blue_eyes brown_hair feathers long_hair transparent vector wings

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Lol @ the watermark/credits.

Favo'ed for my Megami =). Somehow AMG never got much artwork.
Artwork said:
Lol @ the watermark/credits.

Favo'ed for my Megami =). Somehow AMG never got much artwork.
true true =( I would definitely like to see more ^_^
It did back at its height in popularity. It's not exactly high in the minds of current fans and industry leaders now. Modern anime, like technology, has a high turnover rate (though Anime/manga can make comebacks/revivals, unlike tech.)

It's still being written though, thankfully. Though I'm curious if/when Fuijshima-sensei will end it and how/in what direction.

Keep in mind AMG is one of the longest continuously running series still active. (Dates back to the late 80's/early 90's). There are older, but not many that have a continuous single timeline. (Gundam has how many alt settings? And the Macross series, while on one timeline, are mostly separate from one another.)
nice img i liked .... do u have the proyect ? its in vector ?
Reminds me too much of Beldandy.
Agos said:
Reminds me too much of Beldandy.
...It is her...
Lol Agos, facepalm =).

And yes, I still follow the AMG manga, it is, and will always be, my favorite one.
The manga style in the 80's/early 90's was kinda odd tho,but didn't stop me from reading.
Lol... it stopped me from reading it... I regret buying any volume... well everyone with their own tastes.
The older volumes of AMG were...Odd, Artwork-(no pun intended)-wise. But Fujishima's settled on a consistent style now. (Newer AMG and YUA material, about half of the Tales of~ series char designs.)

Also, the chars' personalities were pretty different. (Belldandy was much more like a typical girl than the "perfect" woman she's portrayed now as canon.)
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