aircraft animal_ears building gugu tail

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Three wheel truck? Lucky me.
I thought it was a Yukikaze/Ace Combat-type fighter...Until I saw the prop engine on the back ^_^; It even has what could be taken as intakes for jet engines...Wait...That is the marking used on intakes for jet aircraft...

Uh...Hybrid jet/prop designs are kinda pointless...
That girl was eating THAT big hamburger...
StahnAileron said:
Uh...Hybrid jet/prop designs are kinda pointless...
What do you think a Turbo-prop is? Also even a standard prop needs air intakes.

I know I have seen that aircraft before or one very close to it.
*Looks through Flight Sim aircraft archive.
Most turboprops don't have intake vents that require intake warning labels/markings on them...Meaning they suck in air fast enough to lift a person and suck'em in...

If anything, you're more likely to get smack, whacked, and chopped up by the blades. To have an intake with marking like the ones you see (the red arrowhead) ususally means you're sucking in a TON of air and it's most likely using a jet engine of some sort as your primary source of propulsion.
Hmmm....I have a few jet hybrids like this on my sim, they were mainly WWII German concept aircraft. Where jets were still new and people weren't ready to make the full jump to a jet aircraft. So that I think is whats happening here.
i dont know if its an existing aircraft, but in my opinion i would think it to be a jet powered prop. the jet is the the thing that gives lift but more like powers a turbine to turn the propeller?
Kumacuda said:
What do you think a Turbo-prop is? Also even a standard prop needs air intakes.
Like I said its a turboprop.
It looks like their is a cockpit in the back too. A hybrid plan, get in one cockpit to fly with jet power or the other to fly with the propeller. (doubt it, but would be interesting) Or maybe you can do the same thing and and have the propeller to fly on planets, and the jets to fly through space. (would be even more interesting) In my amateur opinion, wouldn't it be unstable for a plan to have a prop on the back like that, even if it were a turboprop?
Nope. It's been done before.

BTW, by definition, a jet engine won't work in space, despite what the likes of Macross portrays ^_~

And actully, looking at the image again, I can't help but wonder where the exhaust goes. If it's out what looks like nozzles in front of the prop blades, I highly doubt it's a true jet/prop hybrid then (that's all kinds of no.) If so, Cuda is right and it's probably one cranked up turboprop system.
It reminds me of the Long-EZ on steroids.
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