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whit a lite of color willbe more nice -.o
Really gives you the ol' nostalgic feelin' doesn't it?
Sakuya is using a shotgun for an umbrella...And is that a Pulse Rifle I see...????
Who's the girl on the left, holding what looks to be a dragunov?
Hopefully she's in the list of chars on left. Unfortunately, I can't ID Touhou chars on sight as well as other people. Where's Tensa when you need 'im...
Misplaced said:
Who's the girl on the left, holding what looks to be a dragunov?
If I believe I know what a Dragnov is, it's Iku Nagae :D
It's from a doujin by DEMOUR402 called "A Better Tomorrow" ... it's pretty funny :D You can find the download link at the bottom.
Yes, the one with a ... er... is that really a Dragnov? ... is Iku.

@Stahn: When I first read it I was thinking of Roberta @ Black Lagoon ^^' lol ... this is a crossover with Aliens (Mokou's pule rifle), but I don't think we have that tag, so it's kind of useless to tag it with that, But we can also tag it with Gundam Wing @ Komachi's scythe.
theres something..not right... with this picture...
this picture reminds me of the sort of group photos an army company takes before being deployed to the battlezone.
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