77gl animal_ears apple armor autumn blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair catgirl cat_smile chen chibi cirno elbow_gloves fairy fang flowers food fruit fujiwara_no_mokou gloves green_eyes green_hair group hat headband hong_meiling japanese_clothes katana kochiya_sanae konpaku_youmu long_hair male miko monster_hunter morichika_rinnosuke moriya_suwako multiple_tails myon mystia_lorelei parody purple_hair remilia_scarlet short_hair sword tail thighhighs touhou vampire weapon white_hair wings wristwear yagokoro_eirin yasaka_kanako

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i really like moriya's sword, look like soul edge
it looks like mh--- Monster hunter.The game for PSP.
Wait a second... What the hell is Rinnosuke doing?? How could it have come to this?
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