black_hair camera clouds grand_theft_auto green_hair hat inubashiri_momiji parody red_eyes shameimaru_aya short_hair sky touhou umami wings wolfgirl

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The funny thing is, is that nothing in this image has to do with GTA SA.
yea but it loks great well............. almost ..........
Try again. There was no ME-206 in GTA SA, wish their was tho.
This picture is a reference to a serie of niconico douga movies which shows the story of GTA:SA with touhou characters.
Hmm...That I do want to see.
I pretty much seen it on YT ... main character, Remilia Scarlet.
Links? Too lazy to search. ^_^
Well there are more mods, but I only saw this one.
What the hell did I just watch...?
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