animal brown_hair flowers grass green_eyes hat pokemon shorts touko_(pokemon) tree yoshiku_(oden-usagi)

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Curly hair <3

Haven't seen her in the anime yet.. Anybody has any idea when she might appear?
Somebody might follow the manga.
She probably will not appear. Well, we have no evidence she will.
Kotone was the only one to break the mold of game appearance and that was only a favor to HG/SS.
No, she will not appear, most likely anyways. From what I understand B&W is not doing the standard girl from game becoming a character in anime. Instead ash is getting different people all together it sounds like. If she does appear in the anime, it would most likely be as a side character. But, who knows for sure right?
Wow... I really enjoy this style!
This scenario... it's just like the pokémon version of Snow White. I like it!

And those eyes... amazing!
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