kagamine_len kagamine_rin len_append male rin_append tama_(songe) vocaloid

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kagamines append look so kewl :o
This picture I find Rin's breasts to be...a little antigravityish.
Ah, I see a date has been set.
Len & Rin Append are being released on Dec 27th.
The artwork will probably slowly ramp up as the date approaches and spike just after.

I think Miku's Append looked better.
Miku was older to begin with and her Append added a few years. The Append for these two make them look like Original Miku's age. I prefer Meiko, Luka, and Miku Append more since they're more mature looking.

Still, it's nice to see the Appends are basically grown-up/older rendtions o fthe respective Vocaloids. Luka's Append may take a while if that's the case though, I think: she's quite mature for an anime-style char. (I believe she's rendered as 20 versus Orig Miku's 16...?)
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