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Very heart warming ^_^ Nagisa looks nice and Okazaki looks handsome (as always XD).
Not also forget that Ushio looks adorable
I haven't cried in years...
but after watching CLANNAD I was weeping like a child.
In a way, the series reminded me that I still have a soul.
I have cried only at the end of Elfen Lied, but yes, Clannad has made me weep as well. When nagisa and Tomoya marry, that is how I want my marriage to be. It is how they all should be. This is my favorite anime and should not be missed.
All the same to me. The first one I weeped at was Angel Beats and after I had finished with crying, I took a look at the writer of the story and found out some other animes written by him, Clannad included. Am now working on the first season and yes, the two are the best animes I've ever seen.
i was balling and totally mind freaked after those last few episodes... the first anime that made me cry was episode 22 of lucky star. Angel beats was dreadfully sad and so was Elfin Lied... sadest animes ive ever seen..
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