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HTTP/1.1 418: I'm a teapot

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This guy is good, despite the fangs, he holds out.
Well Stahn, I've come up with a sort of... editor sig...
Also, Cuda, I tried to uncensored it, not easy or fun... I gave up.

Anyway, now I'm done with that batch of Horo pictures... it was fun~ and I love the way they turned out.

Hey fangs aren't all bad ya know, I use them quite well, ask any of the other guys in konachat~
kisumi said:

Hey fangs aren't all bad ya know
True, I like fangs, especially when put on catgirls, or Konata...yeah... :3
Speaking of konachat, you're MIA
kisumi said:
Speaking of konachat, you're MIA
I know, I know, but I can explain why when I log in there. Not to drift off appears that the stuff in the back is either brown grass, or hay.
It is most definitely wheat, as this is a picture of Horo turned into Kisumi.
I know i will sound prehistoric but.... we DO have chat here?? xD
Not everyone here knows how to use a IRC much less has one, anyways this is getting off-topic from the image, take it to the forum..
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