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shotguns without triggers?o.o
They aren't shotguns, but a variation of the flintlock or percussion-cap rifle used in the 17th and i think 18th century.
they have triggers. no trigger guard and look different then modern day triggers. i'm not sure if they are really called triggers on flint-locks though =| let me know if they have another name.
Trigger is always trigger in every firearm and it is always called "trigger".
And it is not a special part of flintlock mechamism itself.
Should I add the parody and Fate/Stay_Night tags? Pixiv tag -> Unlimited Rifle Works
edit: You have to specify the series =_=
I guess it is a parody...though the design is more reminiscent of Gate of Babylon than UBW. Or a pseudo-mix of UBW and GoB. *shrug*

Mami does use both styles in the anime though.
LoL really? Then Unlimited Ripoff Works is best suited for her.
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