sùzù said:
Depending what the compound is, I'd prefer to be alone. I fully trust myself. I can't always say the same about other people. If there was somebody you knew you could trust completely that would certainly be nice but for many it's wishful thinking.
Just my words. Even though people don't recommend me doing so, I prefer being alone in such situations. It allows me to fully embrace what's happening and not have to worry what everyone else is doing at the time.

I don't believe seeking or wanting happiness qualifies as hedonistic.
You think? Oh, but I'd very much say that it does. There are many different schools of thought regarding Hedonism, the problem is that most of them date back to the 14'th CE and some even go all the way back from several hundreds of years before christ.

But there is one guy; Michel Onfray who I think has pictured his Hedonism quite like I do mine. He says that:

"In opposition to the ascetic ideal advocated by the dominant school of thought, hedonism suggests identifying the highest good with your own pleasure and that of others; the one must never be indulged at the expense of sacrificing the other. Obtaining this balance – my pleasure at the same time as the pleasure of others – presumes that we approach the subject from different angles – political, ethical, aesthetic, erotic, bioethical, pedagogical, historiographical…."

Even though I've slightly tweaked my own idea of Hedonism to fit my needs in accordance with my illness, which to some extend is all the more reason for my seeking pleasure. However, I'm not trying to keep it all to myself, I'd love to share it with whomever should be interested.

I understand but profiling yourself just for enjoying something is probably a little bit exaggerated and unnecessary.
Don't you worry, Hedonism is just a little part of me and my lifestyle.
Asceticism vs Hedonism.

vf.nightcore said:
Don't you worry, Hedonism is just a little part of me and my lifestyle.
I guess the point of the blob of text above is that there's a lot of different paths to Rome and the right one depends on the individual. I try to be accepting of these differences. If we aren't imposing on each other I don't see the problem.

I can't speak for everybody but as far as I'm concerned you don't need to censor what you write. I'll learn whatever I can from it and leave the rest behind.
My hobby is mastering tongue twisters....And making small simbols for no reason XD
Aside from you just now, I wonder why this thread kept getting bumped today. It's been dead otherwise.
Yeah I've noticed that so I wrote this XD
Well, we probably shouldn't bump a dead thread.

I don't even know why this was created, tbh.
He revised the OP.
Well then, the creative thread was actually an idea by Alaron but it was never a succes. I had several people saying "my hobby is not creative", so now I made it a hobby thread.

Every time I edit the thread intro, it bumps the thread. This happens all over Konachan.

I'll start posting here soon ^^
My hobby is traveling to different countries
That's one hell of a "hobby"...
My hobby is finding the absolute limit of bugs, glitches and exploits to the point that the game stops responding.
Kerbal space program works fine for breaking. Once my plane somehow turned red :P
fujigaya said:
My hobby is traveling to different countries
Apparently, we share a hobby.
i like to think about making a popular hit doujinshi of bleach
1. Drawing Manga with own character designs and stories. I've drawn Yaoi, Hentai, Fantasy, Drama...all kind of stuff.
2. Games - for Pc or Playstation. Unfortunately I don't have much time for this hobby at the moment. The new Devil May Cry is still unpacked on my desk. :<
3. Books - reading is a nice hobby for waiting at the bus/train or something else.
Nowadays Anime/Manga, play on PC and uploaded here, before I discovered Anime/Manga was playing football with friends, and "to fly a kite", although it was square like this, but it must be strange outside Brazil, here in my city it was very common before, and playing on the PC, maybe one day travel, it looks cool.

Mr.peanutbutter said:
to the point that the game stops responding.
Remember the time I used to install mods in GTA SA, almost every day had to reinstall the game because it stopped working or did not start or the map was bugged.
RyuZU said:

Mr.peanutbutter said:
To the point that the game stops responding.
Remember the time I used to install mods in GTA SA, almost every day had to reinstall the game because it stopped working or did not start or the map was bugged.
Thank god minecraft doesn't do that.
I somehow thought it was a good idea to hit something with maximum knockback while someone on reddit said that his game crashed because of this.
After hitting a cow, all mobs stopped moving. Even the portals broke. I could move just fine.
The game froze while saving.
I don't know if it counts as a hobby, but I like collecting books and necklaces. I guess moderating and tagging on here is a hobby too. I watch a lot of YouTube and I love browsing Instagram, but I don't count those as hobbies. Too passive.

I collect tee shirts and bracelets, but you wear shirts every day so. Eh. And I don't have as many bracelets as I do necklaces.

Mm. I also got a big basket of perfumes. I like acquiring those. I like nice smells.
I like to collect watches and knives
Mine are shopping and collecting some fashion accessories. I have already 100 bracelets in my collection. Lately I bought new one aries bracelets from https://braceletsforever.com/collections/aries-bracelets
My hobbie is weird enough but I still like it. When I have free time I gamble. I open loot box or mystery boxes https://drakemall.com/boxes/battle-royale-box but more often I play against other player for real and it is some kind of battles.
Quite special hobby but it makes my happy :)
Wood is a really beautiful material.
I understand why you like wood work. :3
I think ya'll mean..."WEWD".
otaku_emmy said:
I think ya'll mean..."WEWD".
It sounds a lot like lewd.

I'm thinking about lewd things now.
Thanks emmy.
I think that anything that has to do with technology amuses me, I like to repair computers or learn to repair anything else electronic (as long as it is within my means).
I also think that I like to edit a lot, I have already used photoshop around 8 years for different things and I always like to learn something new, I also liked to edit videos before but my PC is very slow now for that.

aaand well the most common too, I am always playing video games either on computer or cell phone, I think there is not a day that I don't play something

a year ago I also bought a drawing tablet but I never find motivation to draw, sometimes I see tutorials but although I'm very interested in drawing I think at the same time I get frustrated because i'm bad, I left a FGO drawing about 2 months ago and I never finish it
Build a qbit system.
Reading, I've always been a reader. Fiction wise I like spy novels, but I'll read just about anything. Nonfiction I like true crime, history, and books about intelligence agencies. Overall, Irvine Welsh is probably my favorite novelist. David Simon my favorite nonfiction writer, I wish he'd do another book.
My favourite sickness hobby is to watch random youtube video's.
I feel violated by all of the clickbait.

vikhartt said:
and knives
I've only just realised how disturbing this is.

I'm almost considering to do this myself to scare my friends.