amane_suzuha breast_hold breasts faris_nyannyan glasses gun hashida_itaru hiroe_rei kiryuu_moeka makise_kurisu okabe_rintarou phone shiina_mayuri steins;gate urushibara_ruka weapon

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German? Hmm, ain't complaining. I just question it. Don't tell me it's due to "Steins" coming from "stein" which means stone...geh.

I call assault squad on Kurisu and Okabe. Tech guy on Daru. Obvious medic on Mayuri. Obvious sniper on Moeka (and ... I got this "spy" feeling from her). Specialist on Suzuha. Tactician on Rumiho. And Ruka.... ugh, I don't know? Some kind of support, I guess.
maybe they join the german army to fight cern. because cenr is in Switzerland witch is close to germany.
at least it is a better theory in my opinion^^
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