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Enough windows. More Firefox.
Enough Firefox. More Windows.
Enough of both of you. Linux FTW! ;)
Enough of you three,UNIX and <censored> everything except command-line!
Software geeks are scary >_>
I have nothing against linux and there isn't a unix-tan.
there isn't a unix-tan
Because, there are many different distributions. linux
(imho, win7-tan is forced by m-soft)

upd: Again, which unix? *BSD, or maybe macos?
There is no "windows"-tan, but 95, 2k, xp etc
I know there is many different distributions. But debian, gentoo and ubuntu have their own os-tan, unix doesn't.
naikoto said:

upd: Again, which unix? *BSD, or maybe macos?
Mac itself has somethin' in common with 'nix based OS',so generally speakin',yes Mac along with them. 'BSD? Right,but not exactly what i meant here. Formally, UNIX i've mentioned,is the first ones,which weren't in many different distributives,but was distributed as single basic pack of programms,required for PC's functionality, and was built-up by a user himself in the way of manual installin' (or,sometimes, copypasting) of software and system EX's drivers.... Sooooooo..... that was what i meant,and id didn't have any GUI,so the command-line(call it command promt if you want) was the only way of working with PC.... This far,software-makers didn't create anything more stable than black screen,anyway. xD
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