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Poll about can_see of index
So I did a poll. Let's give a chance to everybody reply how they like index including unregistered users.

It will be running for 15 days from now.

I'll go with uncensored index, why? easy it will increase server performance. Blacklists are for something and it's done client side. I could make a link on the first konachan page before entering the post/index to allow users to log in before starting browsing if that helps. That way the blacklists will be activated since the very beginning.
If nothing changes here in a 10 day margin, soon anonymous users will be able to see all posts.

1) That does not include current existing accounts, which will have to wipe their blacklists.
2) A My Account link will be added to the home page so you can login and get applied your blacklists before browsing.
Half time has passed. I've applied the rules but the poll is still open. If it doesn't change drastically it will be left like this.
Uncensored (74.8%)
Keep it the old way (25.2%)
Total Votes: 206

Nobody discussed it. Locking thread