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navigating the tags
I hope I am not being silly here...

When nevigating around Danbooru, after log in, the tags on the left side will show up with "?+-", so I can add or subtract tag. When I am here, the tags will only show up with just "?". Do I need privelaged account to get more function?
Afaik, you're right.

So you need manually enter wanted combination of tags to search field.
naikoto said:
Afaik, you're right.
You mean needing to get a privelaged account part? :)
My level is Donator (not sure if thats above or below priv) and i only have the "?", too.
It might be a new "feature" of the danbooru code.

I'll look at it to get it working for everyone again.
If it matters, I can confirm that +/- search tags works fine with privileged accounts.
Zero, the search works perfectly for everyone ^^
We are talking about the tags that show up on the left side of the page.
There used to be - ? + (so you can easily add them to your search) but now there is only the ?.
Sorry if my initial post sounded unclear, but I did in fact mean that I do see +/- buttons and they work when I click them.
It was being hidden to all users that weren't privileged or mods.

Should be fixed now