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Picture Addresses
Well done with the upgrading you've managed so far, I can't imaging it's been particularly easy. . . but will you be putting the links at the bottom of the pages under the images so they can be used as backgrounds from this site on other sites? for example: MySpace or YouTube
If not, oh well, I'll still be coming back for more. Keep up the good work *thumbs up*
*ads it to the task list*

I'm not particularly good with ruby but I'll look into it.

Current to do list:
- Fancy filenames (Very unlikely it's possible without major recode but I'm planning on an alternate fix soon to those who want to catalogue the files)
- Multiupload (Couldn't guess the right way to do it, I guess jdanbo covers it for now)
- Links for youtube / myspace.

Right now you could do it with a little of work but you should know html or BBCode
if the image is for example post #22709,
The url of the thumb image is:

So the html (works for myspace I guess) would be

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Note: This works as long as there's no change in file structure which it isn't certain right now if it will happen in a near or not so near future.

Thank you for your feedback and patience
Ta Much
Thanks for the advice, though I'd probably manage to mess it up somehow, so I'll be patient and wait to see when the update happens, thanks for the quick response. Keep at it, it'll be good as new eventually.
Have fun