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You are a god among men. Thank you so much Kiho.
*tangible =P

Well, damn. I wanted to do this. I guess I'm just too slow, as always... Nice work though. \o/

Although I'm wondering why you gave "plush toys" their own category rather than including them under general objects. And also, IMO zodiac doesn't fit in that category. I'd sort that under character descriptors.

P.S. Kiho, somebody messaged me and requested that I give you this. *places a modabi point atop Kiho's head* It's apparently a new model minabi point that's been under top-secret development for some time now. Not even I was aware of its existence until just a few minutes ago. Congratulations on being the first to receive one. =)
minabiStrikesAgain said:
Although I'm wondering why you gave "plush toys" their own category rather than including them under general objects. And also, IMO zodiac doesn't fit in that category. I'd sort that under character descriptors.
  • Why plush_toys? Gorilla advertising for a tag ^_o
  • zodiac moved to character descriptors.
  • As people look over the list, there will no doubt be some discussion on how to categorize and organize the tags.
  • The categories are not set in stone - I am open to constructive suggestions.
I think pregnant should be included in General & Style Tags by category --> Blacklist tags (Tags associated with explicit situations) --> Anatomy; since most of the posts involve nudity and sexual content.
The condition of being pregnant is not a blacklist tag because tags in that category generally elicit at least a questionable rating. Post #200517 and post #189920 for example are tagged safe. Moving pregnant from the physical_attributes to the blacklist category would imply it should not be tagged safe (although I will note that some tags in that category don't by themselves require such a rating, navel for example but I lumped it in with anatomy as most such tags belong there).

It there is a general consensus to move pregnant to the blacklist category?
Well, since the tag was aproved here, it has been a blacklist popular one, as said by @Zolxys:

There are a few under lactation and more here. I think we have enough, especially since it may be a popular blacklist tag.
And @fureimu:

That pictures are pretty disgusting, I want to be able to blacklist them. So if my opinion means something I vote for adding this tag.

Pregnacy its not "explicit" by itself, but crappy sex/"hentai" scenes with it are really horrible to me. I dont care much if someone will post them but I want to be able not to see it.
It is true that pregnant by itself is safe, but there is enough people who doesn't like it at all to consider it as a blacklist one, so I got to defend my point :).
If Zolxys weighed in as such in a earlier discussion re: pregnant - that is good enough for me.


fyi - shupa, smoking is bad for your avatar ~_^


The Tag lists in this forum are only a resource to help users to find active tags. While I attempted to sort the tags rationally into useful categories, they are still arbitrary categories. What is important is that users can find a tag under an obvious category.

While I will try to accommodate the general consensus re categories, please remember, that regardless into which category a tag falls in these lists, it has no effect on decisions of kona's administrators - such as regarding blacklist tags.
You can combine tags in the blacklist. If you have pregnant rating:e on one line, that will only blacklist explicit pregnant posts.

Pregnant is the same as loli. I know rating:q loli is a popular blacklist combination and rating:e loli will be even more so if the admins ever get that unblocked.

I doubt anyone would want to blacklist safe pregnant and safe loli though. So I'm not sure how you'd want to classify those but I'd expect to see those two in the same category.

*Edit: I should have time soon to reply to the discussions in the tag forum.