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How do I make a paid request?

Note: Wallpaper must not have a similar background or facial positions (use the pictures as the reference for the faces, but the wallpaper's background, facial positions, facial gestures itself must not look similar to the uploaded pictures).

Yes, artwork must be based on these characters.

Y'all can use different stills from the movie, as long as the wallpaper is unique and doesn't look like it's only slightly edited from a scene.

For example, if you decide to make a fireworks wallpaper, -, you may use scenes like these as a reference, but I want the wallpaper to be easily distinguishable from the movie scene. Angle, lighting, way they hug, tightness of their hug, facial expressions during hug, scenery, rails, the way their bodies lean during the hug. Any/all of these could be different, maybe none of these could be different, as long as it looks different from the movie scene.

You could take this post - - as an example. In this anime movie - Koe no Katachi, neither of them kiss, get that close, or have a similar park scene with cherry trees in it, but a similar wallpaper with more detail would be fine, albeit I'd like it to look better.

tl;dr it must look original

Anime- Kimi no suizou wo Tabetai.

Anime pics uploaded from movie: Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

Payment method: Paypal, Skrill.

Thanks in advance!
We don't make wallpapers or art here. We post other people's art from different sources.