Nobody here but us chickens! and User Level

When I try to search some tags together as a result I get this:

Nobody here but us chickens!

This i find on your forums as answer to question like mine:

This means that you're trying to view something that your current user level does not allow, e.g. "loli rating:e".

Can I do something with it?

Have users level?

Is here some image which is locked to some user level?

Where could I find my user level?

How to "level up"?
Nobody here but us chickens means there's no valid search results.

User level is what type of user you are. You can see all levels here. The default user level of member is 20. To see explicit loli you need either janitor (39), or mod (40). I forget which. To get this you can be an active and productive member for a few years.
"Janitor" is broken so, effectively, that's not even a "level". Toss it out the window.

Konachan doesn't allow explicit loli PERIODT. So only I and other Mods can technically see it. For everyone else it's hidden from the regular index on the R18 site. (Imagine it's in the Employees Only storeroom as opposed to the shop floor; it's not a "privilege" to see it, it's just "junk" we have "leftover".)

I highly doubt Konachan will add many more Mods, or any at all, in the near future.

Anyway, point is if you want explicit loli go someplace else. If those places haven't been shut down by The Man already. I don't keep up with other boards.
Getting back to the original question:
Most of the cases where you see that message, it just means that there are no posts that match all the tags you included in your search. And most of the time, it's because you typed a tag incorrectly or you are trying to search for a tag we don't use here.

Unfortunately, because the code that cleans up unused tags is broken here, many invalid tags will appear in the auto-completion list. So you should first make sure all the tags you're trying to use are valid by running searches for each tag individually. You can also find a full list of valid "General" tags in the General & Style Tags Resource.

If you still can't figure out what you're doing wrong, provide us with the url of a search page that's not working for you.

Also, you should check whether you're on the ".com" or ".net" site. The ".net" site is the safe site, so anything rated Questionable or Explicit will be removed from the search results. You'll get that error on any page of results that has no Safe posts.