Konachan and Sankaku Complex
Is Konachan and Sankaku Complex same owner?

why this two sides look similar?
Our sites are, like, the furthest apart in terms of boards. We're more like Yandere and Danbooru in terms of content. I don't even know where you're getting the comparison from.

Slayerduck is currently our owner/Admin though. But as far as the day to day goings-on around here the top dawgs are pretty hands-off. Which is fine. I feel us Mods do a pretty decent job taking care of the place.
If I'm not mistaken he's also the owner of rule34, but sankaku I don't think so, all imageboard that I accessed are somehow similar, the search, the thumbnail and a few more things, I think they are similar because they run similar programs, but I'm not sure.
Sankaku has articles 'n shit though and stuff about gaming and they allow photos. Oh, I might be thinking of the main website though. My bad.

But, yeah, Salyerduck owns at least two of the big boards on the web. Having done a bit of Googling, he also helps run waifu2x.

What a cool guy.
willko22 said:
why this two sides look similar?
There are countless sites that look similar. Check out The Booru Project for a list of 5629 of them.

Though you won't find many of the big ones there. Of course, nothing running on the Moebooru or MyImouto code like us and yande.re.