What is the last book you read?
I just finished Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
Pretty decent book to help lead up with the game ghat comes out in November. The story has some issues, but I enjoyed it overall
The last book I read was probably a manual or something.
Currently starting to read "The Catcher in the Rye". Hope to finish it in less than a week. See you then ...

Edit: Pretty good book, just describes struggles of a teen, his hate of the world and people surrounding. Note that the book does not have a clear objective or end goal and leaves everything up to the reader to think about.
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Reading again "the vampire Armand".
My favourite of the vampire chronicles so far.

I love erotic fantasy stories....hrhr.
Read Randall Munroe's (XKCD) "What If". Pretty good.
The last one is call of cthulhu.
I can`t recommend it to be honest, too much useless chapters in it.
I gave up reading it in the middle and started playing games

Now I am reading The Irishman, going well
But I think that is a last fiction book, next ones will be developmental and scientific books.
I've been trying to get through "My Years With General Motors" but it is too fucking dry. I also feel that his writing about money reflects the fact that he was a rich kid with no troubles getting what he wants too much to be helpful or relatable to a commoner such as myself.
Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions.
My actual book is "Darkest Blackout". Number 6 of a series. It's about two singer, one electro music the other metal - who gets in a complicated gay relationship.
The last book I read was The Green King by Paul Lou Solitsera