Question about searching every day’s upload
Hey guys, I wanna ask, How if I need to search pictures for today? For example, I can pin the the result of “date:2022-4-25” in home page, but the contents will not refresh any more. Can I make the bar refresh everyday?
There are ways to do what you're asking for, but what your asking for doesn't really make sense.

First of all, if you're only ever displaying results for the current calendar day, then you'll miss images posted toward the end of the day. If you really want to search by calendar day, then showing yesterday's posts would make more sense.

You may find that the RSS feed is more along the lines of what you want. An RSS client keeps track of what you've already seen and can even be set up to notify you when new images are posted. There are many RSS clients with different features. If one doesn't work well for you, try another.

Just refreshing the posts page will show you the newest posts. Most people can tell when they get back to the ones they've already seen when they're checking every day.

If you really want to load a different url every day, it's really not that hard to change the number manually. But if you want to automate it, you would probably need to use a browser that supports userscripts or extensions that can load userscripts.