How was your day?
Well actually like the title states.
I'm curious every now and then if there's something you'd wish to share, or just rage at how bad your day was.

Example; I just had my Dutch exam's a couple of hour ago. Which announced the start of my other exam's. But why'd they have to start with Dutch=_=. We had to read an amazing boring article about how we can benefit from climate change. Next up is Math, and I'm not really looking forward to it.

-Eeehm, just keep everything clean.
-Try to rage without using disease names, me not like that.
-Try to enjoy this tread, and lol at ppl who might have had a worse day then you.
-English, isn't all that hard I suppose.
-Most importantly keep everything on topic.

Share and rage away my good Kona friends.

*If there's something wrong with my topic, change it^^, or note it to me*
*If this isn't gonna get allowed, well too bad. We can always rage on 4chan or the likes.*
I'll get rolling onces again.

So I just had math exam today, and 50% of the shit was like Turkish for me. I didn't understand shit, and so did the rest of the students.
I still don't understand how they can give us an exam with stuff nobody has every heard or seen of. ''Being able to make us of the learned stuff in something els then which you've... ehm well learned, is considered normal?'' I hate math, and I hate the ppl who make math exams even more. @[email protected] =).

Friday is French, which will also be hardcore =_=.
You're better off posting things like this is forum #841.

Also, this sounds more like blog material. I think Shuugo is against stuff like that. (Well, more so with images and posts. Doesn't want kona turning into a Minitokyo or DeviantArt...)
Ya, I was highly doubting it myself. Was also thinking about the friendly topic, but that's bit more ''general''.

It might be a bit blog like material, but also a 'step' in getting to know each other. And somewhat sharing and looking at the differences between everybody's countries and the likes.

Onces again, if there's something wrong, delete it. Just started this topic for the above reasons, and the lulz.
Some of us might not have blogs.... like me for example... I do not feel any interest in creating a blog... I think it's pretty useless if you use it for text matterial only... all I do is circle around Kona, Shuu and Dan... and play games...
This isn't a diary... all you do is tell other member how your day was... in short, not long.

My day? Pretty cool... an idiot pissed me off an I ended up breaking his and is 4 friends "pretty" faces.... uninjured... keh... after that they gave me money just to stop it.... do I love being a sadist? ... YES!!! *w*
As for Blog, only people that has people follow them, ei: artist or singers, should has blogs.

As for my day.....well its summer in Florida therefor hot has hell, and since the AC as been off for while, its 85°F. Even with the fan on my I was still hot.
My day has been so, so, ^^
and if you want a blog here you go
I'm At War With The World
I don't have a blog either, and don't feel like making any.
Glad some of you joined in =).

Tensa, good going lol. At least you got some lunch money out of it.

Cuda, that's pretty hot. I still remember last year down here, soo bloody hot. But now it's like like 59 F here, and raining all day.
Messed up climate? maybe.. Tho I don't like heat, so I won't complain.

GreenHorn, I guess that's a song? Spoiler = name of song?
Sometimes you just have those days which you can describe as a song ^^. Tho my artists usually make some fantasy songtexts.
Takida and The Red Jumpsuit apparatus can deliver some tasty stuff tho.

My day just got started, woke up with an anime episode from Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, together with a glass milk and some sort of cornflakes, which I hadn't had in ages.
this is my last day in classes in high school, so i'm pretty happy! unfortunately, i have to sit thru a 3 hr long awards ceremony[not looking forward to that]

and i dont do blogs either; neither facebook or myspace, friends keep telling me i should, but i dont know...

edit: the awards ceremony today was 4 hrs, sorta ran over w/ all the senior scholarships n' stuff
Gone to annual Dutch Animecon yesterday, that was some fun we had. Didn't really buy much, a pair of nekomimi for me and a girlfriend, and 2 manga's. Tetragrammaton Labyrinth, pretty epic shit. I still don't understand why they had CoD, Red Dead Redemption and Guitar hero at the game corner, they had some fun button bashing games tho, Didn't understand much about it so just ram everything when needed xD.
Fun topic~!
Well um.. *cough*
M-my day was o-okay...
*loli mode*
I went into space.
To the moon actually. Ironically I mooned the earth. On the moon. LOOK AT MAI BUM BUM.
Well.. In my dreams. *Q*
I decided to join this for fun~ :3
I have a couple of blogs, but I often forget to update them, lol.
My day was pretty bad.
You can blame that on Tensa's kona-lover.
I will never trust her again D<
I always neglect my blog, I probably had the most activity in a long time just after those Neko Overrun & Angel Beats posts since I posted about them there.
Oddly I turn up early in google image searches for haruhi wallpapers.

Today.. productive. You should get to see it soon ;)
Excelent. Just bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10(black). Yahooo~ Only ~200 Euro... kind of ... a lot around here... NOW when the economical status is a total mess...
Maho said:
You can blame that on Tensa's kona-lover.
Awww~ Xtea is that mean~? Sadist maybe... nice~nice~
my day was a hell - ___ -

my mom thought i stole her money,

but i didnt.,

and she took my motorcycle and handphone


Tensa said:
Awww~ Xtea is that mean~? Sadist maybe... nice~nice~
It was an "accident."
Naah, she is a hardcore M.

As for me, my day was pretty nice. Spent it with a few of my close friends, so it was fun. ^^

I'm not looking forward to taking exams next week, though.
well i started the day with opening my twitter,

and then downloading flandre scarlet from touhou in konachan !

thank you very much konachan !

does anyone have twitter ?

i'll follow you and then follow me back please :)

My day was pretty good
praticed kendo for awile then a friend randomly showed up spent the rest of the day on Ragnarok with him
Xtea... is the M part true? Can I pinch you hard?? Do you like pain? <3
Umm... sorry butt what is M is that like S&M
i probably stupid.
Nawh it will probably be something along these lines:
Xtea is a hardcore /M/ahou Shoujo =).

O and, god I slept well today xD.
Just 1 more exam and I'm done, holiday~!.
Xavier said:
Umm... sorry butt what is M is that like S&M
i probably stupid.
S&M is Sado-Masochist ... M is masochist. S is sadist.
You have a sadist in front of you~ Me~
For more details:
Sadist: likes to tease/beat up people. Likes to provoce pain.
Masochist: like to be teased/beaten up. Likes pain.
well i ussually cut my wrist if i get stressed and frustated ( depressed as well )

that makes me kinda better

Flandre, I hope that was pure sarcasm, or are you some sort of emo? If so, that might explain it.

I'm wondering, does any1 here play pokemon hg or ss?
Spent the day watching Code Geass for the first time. Currently on episode 18 right now.
Artwork said:
Flandre, I hope that was pure sarcasm, or are you some sort of emo? If so, that might explain it.

I'm wondering, does any1 here play pokemon hg or ss?
nah im not an emo, cut doesnt always an emo anyway,

but i rarely cut now,. i go to church often :)

pokemon hg ? on pc ?

how do i download it ?
ive just downloaded flandre scarlet images 1 by 1 from page 1 till 20..

waw still 2 pages more..

and im already tired x)

thank you very much konachan !

we love konachan
flandre_scarlet said:

pokemon hg ? on pc ?

how do i download it ?
Eeehm I don't know if /you/ can download Heart gold, but maby torrent's have them. I pay for a news server which is ten times or more faster then some random torrent, and doesn't rely on seeds and peers. Found a torrent, give it a try. /Wuts wrong with the spoiler thingy/.. I hope it is the good patched version, others tend to fail.
If you got a DS at home, with something like an R4 card, you could put it on that, but I suppose you don't.

There are emulators, but I'm not up to date about them.
=Seems like DeSmuME is the best up to date= Here you go link
Anyway give it a try, I'm a pokemon noob, but I can appreciate it onces in a while.

O and you can use a add on (if your on firefox) like Download them all, didn't try it with kona tho.

*Can you only add 1 spoiler in a post>?*
No...You can do a bunch of spoilers. It's more like 1 spoiler per PARAGRAPH. Use linebreaks liberally if you need a lot of spoiler segments in a post. If you're NOT watching Angel Beats! (or would like to join the discussion if you are) and don't care about spoilers for it, look at forum #2699 for examples from me. EDIT Or see the example below. (I tend to write long posts, so I use spoiler tags to tidy up my posts sometimes.)


I need to get off my lazy butt and add to the damn FAQ I started (I was starting on a comment/forum text formatting section when I stopped)...Though I'll probably have to shift it over to a series of Wiki entries instead: it's gotten unwieldy to edit and read as a forum post...

Saving from the Search Index

Reducing Search Index Page Count
Artwork said:
Nawh it will probably be something along these lines:
Xtea is a hardcore /M/ahou Shoujo =).
In response to everyone: ^^^ THIS POST IS A TRUE STATEMENT. (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;) -insert transformation sequence here-