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Tag Subscriptions doesn't work
Sorry for my english. I create one tag subscription, typed on input "tags" tag "gloves", and after save and open them, there is no imagese and sign "Nobody here but us chickens!", but in profile, tags shows noramlly.
It's never worked. You can type whatever you want, but it's never going to work. And there are no plans to get it working either.
Sorry to help burst the bubble. This was an issue when it was first implemented, but as Emmy pointed out it was never (nor will it ever be) a point of interest for tweaking/recoding.

This may be subject to change in the far future if somebody takes an interest, but the possibility for this to happen is ~0%.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope you'll still have a good time on Konachan.
With that, I think I'm going to lock this thread now.
Actually, it was working for quite some time. At the very least from the time I registered my account (2012-10-17) until 2014-04-06. During that time we did have some problems with it, but it was generally fixed quickly by an admin.

If you check my profile, you'll see that it was working. Though it hasn't updated for 4.7 years now.

Personally, I'd like to see it fixed.


Anyway, we have a Site Bug Reports & Troubleshooting forum topic (forum #16971). Please use that next time.