me i love no regret life & koharu kusumi but there is something else, like video of shcmoyoho,I listen a lot of manga's theme song like naruto or of Wakfu and about one now that I listen like :

what i listen now :

no regret life :

shcmoyoho :

theme song naruto :

theme song wakfu :

Kusumi Koharu is the basis for a music girl so I think that guy would not listen ^ ^

kusumi koharu :
This song + vid is pure awesome. click me
Ah, Requiem for the Phantom, spoiler

How about this one. I think it was one of the openings to the Tales of Symphonia anime.

Also, a little piano etude, just 'cause it's fun to watch it being played!
I miss elfengore, she always posted nice musics here T_T
btw I'm listenin' to this
F*ck, i've become obsessed with this and this
Ever heard of Math Rock?
The strangest style I've ever head of... yet it is addicting....
Dave. Dave from Sheffield.
Gothic. Doesn't. Exist. Thank You.
Yeeeaah... Scooter all the way!PoSsEEE!!!
DESTROYER!!! and dont mind the broken tooth at the end...she has feelings too you know!
The Fall of Troy for the fucking win!
I call this: "Speaker rape" for some particular reason... A friend of mine recommended full volume...
I actually listened to that when I was at the age of 10-13~14.
Well hardcore mostly (Nosferatu, angerfist, master of ceremony) to name few from that mix. My older cousin infected me at that time, he still listens to all that, and goes to almost every Hardcore/Hardstyle party in the Netherlands. \\
Though my creative speakers at that time could hold the music pretty well at high volumes. Didn't really try on my Teufel speakers, only metal and rock these days. But some metal is just as much 'speaker rape' , enjoy this 'pirate' post-hardcore metal.
Some random clicking brought me here... and I quite like it, and BNF in general.
The 1st BNF song i heard was this one...
yes it's very interes- Zzzzzzzzz
Thank you for your compliment Cookie. I see you are not those person that likes slow peaced music.

Damn I feel like I'm alone here in konachan that have the taste of battle and emotional soundtracks and techno/trance music lol

Edit: Ryuusei no Gemini. Good stuff
Don't feel bad, I liked it.
Thanks mate *snif*
FoliFF said:
Edit: Ryuusei no Gemini. Good stuff
Wow, first person I've seen that has ever mentioned that song. >.> Good stuff indeed.

From Dusk Till Dawn is another good one. :P

And who could forget Braveheart from BRS.
sorry about that FoliFF but for me it sounds like a lullaby, i'm not saying it's bad or anything...

well for calm music I listen to this for example... (that's the only site I can listen to it, just press the play button bellow the sharing stuff)
for the sake of keeping this thread alive, and cause I wanted to post this one :P
Well I have tons stuff to do so can't be so aktive as I used to lol anyway.

Techno => See Me Now (Short Mix)
Anime Songs => Yoake Umarekuru Shōjo
Soundtracks => Lugia's Song
River Flows In You.
^I Can't believe that was used in the movie twilight...