Lmao-ing at you jaded hypebeasts. The game is delivering exactly what I expected from it. Yean, it's a buggy mess at the moment, and yeah it should have been delayed further. But ya'll would've thrown just as bad a shit fit or worse if they did decide to delay again. They also should've completely ignored previous gen consoles and made it a next gen exclusive. But at the end of the day, it runs fine, even on my 6 year old computer and the core gameplay and world is immersive and fun.
Soyny removes Cyberpunk 2077 from PS Store and will offer refunds, as you can see the situation of cyberpunk is very bad for sony to do that

As if the game was not enough, CD Projekt kneeled for Winnie the Pooh and removed a Taiwanese game from the store because it offends Xi Jinping.

Cities: Skylines free on Epic Games, ends in 14 hour, in case anyone here is interested in the game, I think it is a very good game, but it runs with low fps on my pc so i don't play so much.
I've been enjoying watching a completionist run of the Corpo route, but the bugs really do add some unintentional hilarity to the mix. It's made for some good memes, at least. This one is particularly scrummy.

good bugs
otaku_emmy said:
I've been enjoying watching a completionist run of the Corpo route, but the bugs really do add some unintentional hilarity to the mix. It's made for some good memes, at least. This one is particularly scrummy.
and if you walk a few meters and come back there will be someone else, 2077 really is something, how a 2020 game has an AI like that.

good bugs
I remembered, I saw it once, and the bugs and problems don't end here, it will take time to resolve, even if it was going to make everyone pissed they should have postponed it by 1 year if necessary, better than having released like that, they lost people's confidence and damaged the reputation and now financial losses, although the game sold 8 million.

Cyberpunk 2077 vs GTA IV
So I've been watching a playthrough of "Little Hope", the second installment in the Dark Pictures anthology by Supermassive Games, and I am genuinely fucking pissed off at this game. I cracked and looked up the ending since certain people kept commenting about it (no spoilers but you could tell it wasn't good), and why anyone is praising this game is beyond me. What fucking lazy story writing.
I saw a gameplay of that game on a Youtube channel that I follow last year, the guy played it the first day of release and he complete it in a single livestream.. I saw the replay because I had no interest in the game and because if he ended it so fast it means that it was not long, I understand what you mean, the plot seemed very bad and the endings horrible, not to mention that it's the typical horror game that throws jumpscares at you every time it can, something I personally hate, the endings reminded me a lot of Silent Hill 1 and in fact with the fog theme it made me think that that's where they got the idea.
100%. Those are exact points the guys I watch were making. It's very Silent Hill, and it's the same jumpscare over and over. Someone else in the comments mentioned that one of the reverend's/priest's lines of dialogue was a near line-for-line quote from the Crucible.

Like, making a game look graphically impressive doesn't and shouldn't make up for it having a wack-ass story and being so inconsistent.
otaku_emmy said:

Like, making a game look graphically impressive doesn't and shouldn't make up for it having a wack-ass story and being so inconsistent.
You'd be surprised how many games and series try to get away with that. I've recently watched Star Trek Discovery's third season. Rather than having a logical plot to follow, they really tried to hammer down on using emotional story beats for added drama. But the point is, none of those beats hit home, at least for me, because the underlying plot is non-existent to begin with. It's too nonsensical to take seriously. And all too often things happen way too conveniently to be believable. Rather than giving foreshadowing or build-up, something unexpected happens and they try to explain it away in the moment itself. Which... really does not work well.

More on the games side of things - I've recently gotten into watching Age of Empires II gameplay matches. I would say that I am not at all into e-sports, but somehow it's really been attracting my attention lately.
Trying to finish cyberdimension neptunia and at the end/beginning of the year I finished the rpg, both with 2 years late after buying them, honestly I'm increasingly disappointed with the spin-offs of that franchise
In the last two weeks I got excited when installing launbox to organize emulators and I was practically collecting some that I had never tried, even though once I tried ms-dos I forgot how ugly it was and even worse is loading games in that, luckily launchbox runs everything without having to do anything. On the other hand I have not been able to emulate things like commodore because I don't understand it and suffered enough to make the sega saturn emulator work, god that console has very random japanese games but several look interesting.
|FINALLY A GAME OF MELTY BLOOD AFTER MORE THAN 10 YEARS, I found out a little late about the news but god, I really almost cried when I saw it, I love that franchise more that Fate and I believed for some years that they had already left it in oblivion
putting weeb liverys on million dollar hypercars is something i will never regret doing in games like :Gran Turismo Sport, NFS Heat, NFS 2015, Carx Drift Racing, Asseto Corsa, etc.
I have been playing some new anime stuff from the videos I have uploaded to youtube but usually just for once and then leave it, on the other hand the new Neptunia game for now looks much better than 4Goddesses disappointment, funniest is that now I also found out that a few days ago ANOTHER MORE was announced with the characters of Senran Kagura, for now I have that franchise paused, at some point I should play them all
Been playing some Genshin Impact over the past month and a half or so. It's a lot better than I thought considering it's a gacha game.
I admit that I tried to play it about 2 months ago but on my potato pc it runs bad, aaanyway I'm already happy with Honkai
Works smoothly on my iPad Pro and it was working fine on my shitty dedicated GPU-less laptop. I put everything on low setting and it was working quite smoothly. The game is graphics heavy, not CPU heavy, so me having a ryzen 7 laptop didn't contribute much.
Mostly been playing Dorfromantik and the Geoguessr Battle Royale. Been wanting to get into a new FPS, but nothing has seemed interesting.
Continuation of the horror game talk in friendly topic.
While I loved SOMA, I feel like I'm getting quite the love-hate relationship with Alien: Isolation. The fact that there's constantly an alien lurking close waiting to come out when you make the slightest noise just makes moving so much scarier. I've actually found myself hiding in lockers multiple times when all that happened was a single creak of the vents in the ceiling.
Horizon Forbidden West is looking so good, ya'll.

I can't fucking wait to watch Jesse Cox stream it.
Steam recommended me Eve of Souls: Static Pod randomly a few days ago and I ended up loving it, every time I gain more love for those games made in rpg maker