Role playing Thread ~2nd season~
Alright since there have been some interest in RP again in kona again I have decided to test if there is any need for it here in kona. Now do I see anything that breaks the thread or the site rules then this thread is dead. This is RP second chance and only chance. If it doesn't work this thread will be killed.


Site related:

This is NOT up for debate. We will NOT have a single thread promote bad habits on the site. Keep things civil!

2) Under no circumstance is a single user allowed to use multiple accounts to play different roles/characters.
This should go without saying. You have no need for multiple accounts unless you are:

  • Site staff maintaining secondary accounts for testing/debugging reasons.
  • Trying to bypass an account-level ban.
  • Trying to bypass any other limitations on the site.
Obviously the latter two scenarios are frowned upon. Anyone caught using multiple accounts will have their accounts banned and risk shutting this thread down. This is not up for debate.

3) All RPing shall be kept within this thread.
Anything that says here, stays here! Do not take any RPing within this thread and spread it to other areas, like image post comments. This will not be tolerated.

3.1) Do not create another RP thread if this one is not to your liking.
Don't like the story? Tough luck. This is not an RP community. It's an Imageboard first and foremost. Go find an actual RP site if you don't like the thread. Further attempts at creating more RP threads will be met with thread locking (user bans are possible.)

Thread/Role Playing Specific:

Rule 1 - Do NOT RP another user's actions for them.
You are responsible for your and ONLY your own actions. The results of your actions (if they are directed at or affect another user) are for the other user(s) to decide for him-/herself. For example:

  • *takes a sniper shot at [character]*
Is a legal action. This lets the [character] react by taking the hit (and specifying where s/he was hit if they choose), only getting grazed/nicked, or actually dodging it.

  • *takes a sniper shot and puts a hole in [character]'s head*
is NOT as it decides the outcome without input from [character].

On a related note, to address a specific case:

Do NOT kill off another user/character of your own volition/accord.
Character/User death will only be allowed if the Character/User in question (i.e. the one whose life is at stake) agrees to the condition (for whatever reason she/he may have, such as leaving the RP or switching character/role.)

Rule 2 - Don't simply ignore another user's post/actions.
The RP is taking place with multiple users and each action taken may affect each user somehow. DO NOT simply ignore/shrug off an action if it does not agree with you. React to it (in-character/RP). Be considerate: if others take your actions into account during their RP post, do the same for them.

Rule 3 - First come, first serve.
This rule is to reconcile situations when posts are made at the same time. You are at the mercy of the server and how quickly you can post. If two or more posts are made at the same time, the post that is displayed above the others take precedence. If the second (and below) posts contradicts the events in the first post, it is these later posts that must be edited to comply with the events in the first post. No dispute/exceptions. (Posts that do not comply with this rule within ~45 minutes may be flagged for deletion.)

Rule 3 tips
In cases when were many are active and ninjas are all over the place. One simple way to avoid this is "ninja radar". To do this you simply copy your post that you wrote and then refresh the page to see if anyone have made a post before you. Someone managed post ahead of you? Edit your post if needed and repeat. No one have yet to post? Well lucky you, you didn't get ninja'd.

Another thing is after you posted your forum post don't edit your post if people have posted something after you. If this happens please make a new post and not edit your old one. This is to avoid problems.

Last thing is. Don't delete your post left and right. Especially if people have posted after you. They may have used your post for something. If you deleted your orignal post it will just cause headache for all of us. You are allowed to delete your post but if you do just make sure everyone knows it so it won't cause problems.

Rule 4 - Non-RP comments/remarks MUST use spoiler tag formatting labelled OOC, like this: OOC
This is to keep you immersed in the RP and not break the flow. It also keeps the thread looking nicer. In case you wondering what OOC stands for it means "Out of character".

Rule 5 - Play along.
Odd rule: Sure. Dumb? maybe. Essential? Definitely.

This is to keep the story going and developing. Don't turn this into Dragonball Z or similar by continuously one-upping each other. It gets boring. Be creative.

Being shot at? It might be more fun to take a hit than be able to dodge everything. Someone need a rescue? Might be better to make it a dramatic/tough rescue than simply scooping them up.

Give others a chance to react to your action/situation rather than simply resolving everything yourself by being, "over 9000!!" You might be surprised by how the story will develop way.

Rule 5.1 - Don't RP on your own/go off on tangent.
Don't try to run your own RP or just go off on a tangent relative to the direction the RP thread as a whole is going. You'll just confuse everyone.

Rule 6 - Make a believable, non-disruptive entrance.
If you wish to participate, don't just barge in out of nowhere. Come up with a decent entrance that reflects the events around the time you decide to join the RP.

This also covers re-incarnations of "dead" characters or character swaps: be kind enough to make sure you entrance makes sense in context with the RP.

If you have trouble coming up with something on your own that would fit into the mix of the RP, I suggest Dmailing one of the active participants or the thread maintainer and see if they would be kind enough to make an opening for your entrance somehow.

Any new users/characters introduced MUST have a char Bio/Profile accompanying the entrance so other users know who/what they are dealing with. It may be as brief or detailed as need be so everyone gets a basic understanding of the character.

Rule 7 - Do NOT troll.
Really do I have to say why? If you do, then face the consequences of your action.

Rule 8 - The RP setting/environment will not be dictated by any one user. With exception of mod/admin and thread maintainer
Any RP-wide shift in setting/environment to a domain controlled/dictated by one user MUST be agreed upon by the whole thread. If a shift is agreed upon, the new setting MUST be detailed in full by the user controlling it so everyone is aware of limitation and rules that would take effect. (The "common sense" argument will NOT work as not everyone will necessarily be familiar with a setting a user comes up with.)

Only exception of this rule are the thread maintainer and the mod/admins. Do we see things have gone out of hand we will become the Deus ex Machina and resert everything. Otherwise we will kill this thread and there will be no more RP in kona.

Rule 9 - Keep things relatively simple.
Details are nice, but not everyone is either going to understand or remember extensive details. There's also information overload (TL;DR syndrome/reaction, as you no doubt have by now if you're actually reading this) and the fact too much detail makes stuff more complicated than it needs to be at times.

Simplicity leaves more room for action and such on the part of other RPers. Don't restrict one another by being so detailed only a small set of users will understand the thread.

Rule 9.1 - Don't take your knowledge of a certain detail/setting for granted and expect everyone else to know it.
Just because you think somethinge is "common sense" or "common knowledge" doesn't mean it is. For example:

  • I state I'm a mage that practices a hybrid of Milchilda and Belkan style magic. Unless EVERYONE in the thread happens to be a Nanoha fan, they won't have a clue as to what the heck I'm saying.
There's also the possibility of mis-interpretation on the part of other users, so lay it out for them when in doubt. (If I mention the term "AC", how many of you would think "Armored Core" instead of "Ace Combat", or vice versa? There's also "Air Conditioner/Conditioning", but that's stretching it for the sake of an example though ^_~)

If you introduce an aspect into the thread, you should either explain it and/or provide a link to more info about it.


There these are the rules. I mainly have copy pasted the rules from the old thread but have done some editing. Now is there anything wrong with the rules or the thread in general please contact me (FoliFF) through Dmail or in this thread and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Since it's a new beginning anything the world in now creating itself and you have to introduce or reintroduce your RP character for the sake of RP thread.

Now have fun roleplaying guys!
Above post is only for thread manager and mod/admins to touch. It contains all the rules of this thread. Read them, you lazy ****.

Role playing start now:
I'm FluFFy and I'm a wandering cyborg that travels the lands to oversee it. I have my own hidden empire (refering to my claims, mainly 1, 2, and 3) unseen by all. Only time my army emerge to purge everything from existence is when the world is in chaos.
(This is related to the rule 8 that I'm the thread manager and I'm the Deus Ex Machina and thus I'll only use my army to destory the world and recreate it if I see everything have gone out of hand).
However while it looks like I travel alone, in fact I have some of several brothers and sisters following me in the shadows~

  • As I'm a cyborg with the ability to change bodies. With that I have several forms that comes in all different shapes and sizes. My standard body looks like post #176651. His height is 2.25 meter (7'4").
  • Age unknown. Lived more than 1000 years.
"Lets see what this world have to offer~"
*chuckels as I travel along the road with no specific destination ahead*

NOTE: I'll be mainly behind the scenes and oversee things thus I'm not allways RPing.

Currently RP character information (introductions)

This section is filled with people that currently role playing and is a first glimps to get to know each character.

minabiStrikesAgain Character info.
Stealthbird97 Character info.
STORM Character Info.
Senakysam Character Info.
Dede Character Info.
Artwork Character Info.
otaku_emmy Character Info.
foxknight Character Info.
Tiki Character Info.
ecchifan96 Character Info.
TommyGunn Character Info.
Freenight Character Info.
Shinkai Character Info.
minabi is a masterless ninja of unknown gender and a penchant for mischief. In combat I will use just about any tool or chunk of the environment, though I have a reputation for incompetence on the offense; however as any decent ninja would be, I am adept at avoiding the attacks of my adversaries and escaping with great speed. Though I prefer to stay on the sidelines rather than join a conflict actively.

I frequent locations with abundant fire such as zones of active volcanism, various battlefields, and nuclear reactors, and occasionally some dark places like the lairs of demons. I go and just... stare at the glorious flames, lava, radiating heat, etc., and also chat with whomever I encounter at these places. Conversely if anybody meets minabi feel free to engage him/her/it/Cthulhu-gender-pronoun in conversation.

When not traveling I will stop by and sip some sake with Ibuki Suika. Anybody who brings their own sake is welcome to join us =)

Setting Suggestion: (This is open to debate, I don't mind)
Developing Post Apocalyptic Earth with a significant Technology divide.

Powerful Esper
Down to Earth
Quickly Angered
Has some idea of Morals
Generally doesn't do much unless tasked
Mentally unstable

「Why did it have to turn out this way?」
*A teenager of medium height wanders wearing an almost emotionless face*
*The faint glow of the moon casts of shadow onto the ground and shows of his pale complexion and lanky arms*
*Steadfast but gracefully he moves alone with nothing but a quiet echo of footsteps*
OOC about the thread

OOC Character creation

My Intro:
Howdy! I'm STORM. And I'm an avian-human hybrid. Yes, that's right: part human, part bird (part raven to be exact). Surprisingly enough, I am not a science experiment. There were a race of folks like me, though I'm presumed the last of my kind. I look completely like a normal teenage girl...aside from the huge black wings jutting out of my back. I can, however, fold them into my back so that they can fit under my clothes most of the time. This is my only visible bird-like trait. I also have incredibly keen eyesight and (unrelated to being part bird), I can fight very well and wield a purple-sheathed katana, which I always carry with me. I also always carry my acoustic guitar. These are my two most precious items that never leave my side.

I now spend my days looking for something interesting to do. I too am a traveler...bored out of my mind. In my down time I visit with my good friend Shikamaru Nara and smoke some cigarettes and play some shogi. Or...I play some sweet guitar and jam with my BFF Nana Osaki and her band BLAST.

Notable Traits:
- Long brown hair & purple eyes
- Usually wears black combat boots, jean shorts & black thighhighs, a dark purple tank-top, and a guitar pick necklace
- Almost always seen smoking a cigarette
- Fairly optimistic and friendly, but travels and is often seen alone
- Doesn't care about dating or men very much... but has an obsession with guys with glasses.

Edit: OOC
Walking along the side of an old, country road, I see no one else. I take out one of my earbuds. and I hear nothing except the familiar cackle of a lone crow.
*Laughs.* "I know how you feel, man.", I say, responding to the fellow. *Puts earbud back in and continues down the road.* "Ah! I freakin' love this song!" *Whips out guitar and plays whilst walking.*

I'm Sen Evason, a member of the 7th tier of a robotic race called the Ultima.

History of the Ultima

The Ultima as a race

Me in particular

Sen flew low over the ground, letting his sensors collect as much information on the area around as possible, and then transmitting it to the Ultima main fleet where Mariah would analyze it and store it for the rest of the Ultima to look at if they so choose. Since flying didn't require much attention, Sen let his mind wander. "I wonder if there is anything of interest in this area anymore. It's supposed to be inhabited, but that information is several years old." Sen kept a mental eye on the information being given to him by his sensors, searching for anything of interest.
OOC about Sam/Sen's OOC
I am D.D. These are the initials for a name I do not wish to reveal. Often referred to simply just as Dee. I am a thief who travels from place to place doing jobs for people who pay well. I was once part of a crime syndicate but decided to leave because I don't like the way they do things. I try to avoid conflict if I can. I usually will not do something unless there is a good reason for me to do so.

Laid back personality.
Usually dressed in casual attire with a cloth mask and a hood (sort of like my avatar except with male clothing, a backpack instead of a machine and with a mask more like Kakashi's.
Has bi-coloured eyes. The left eye is green and the right eye is a dark brown.

*Dee leans back against a rusty old bus as he watches something (Sen) fly overhead*
*minabi is skulking in the shadows of the forest alongside the road about 100m from STORM*

*hears approach of Sen Evanson and looks up at the evening sky, dark but not without the last traces of twilight*

"Aww, pandas. If that's another airborne recon unit... oh well, at least I'll get a glance at its thrusters." Then, two seconds later: "If it even has any..."

*minabi dashes silently between the shadows of the trees, traveling up the road, and hears STORM's guitar*

*searches out the source of the sound, stops 20 feet behind her and sees her wings*

Whispering to self: "Why is it always fliers?"

OOC @Salus/Tommy/Fluffy
*Finishes playing The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"*
Talking to herself out loud: "Ahh the evening sky... That reminds me: I need to buy a camera when I get to the next town... for times like these."

*Stops walking.* "Is this how you introduce yourself to everyone?" *Smiles and turns around to face minabi, purposefully flapping her wings so they drop a few feathers as she turns.* "Yes, in case you were wondering, I can hear you from all the way back there."

*Whips out bird field guide from bag and tosses it to minabi.* "Ravens are among the most intelligent birds around you see, and they not only posses impeccable eyesight, but hearing as well. But that's enough about me." *Lights another cigarette.* "Tell me about yourself."
*minabi catches the field guide with an incredulous look on its face, sighs, then approaches to ~6feet distance and puts its back to a tree*

"I guess I wasn't stealthy enough then. And now I bet that eye in the sky found me too..." *opens field guide* "Thanks for the data, though. I've dealt with bird tengu before, though you're the first bird-human hybrid I've seen... I'll be more careful next time," I say with a cat smile. "In summary, I'm a transient pyromaniac. But after mastering the skill of creating, controlling, and directing fires of my own, I've been on an intergalactic and inter-dimensional journey to find and document fine infernos...." *minabi eyes your cigarette* "Have you seen any cool fires around here lately?"
"Pyromaniac you say? That must be fun." *She says with a laugh.* "But no, I've not seen any fires recently. ...Though I did make a camp fire the other night, nothing too special though." *Blows smoke, away from minabi's direction.*

"And rather than fire, my- *does air-qoutes* "-quest, you could call it, involves lightning. Really all sorts of weather for that matter. Weather is something my clan used to be able to manipulate, you see. I say used to, because... well since we were damn near wiped out ages ago, our techniques seemingly died as well. It's my goal to try and find history on my people and maybe even hold that kind of power for myself one day." *Looks up from her guitar she'd been staring at and looks at minabi.* "Sorry! Didn't mean to talk your ear off, haha!" *Puts arm behind her head and scratches her head awkwardly.* "I'm glad you actually stuck around to chat for a while though. Most folks these days seem to hate confrontation...or at least most of the ones I've encountered."
"Well, as much as I like to chat, I'd rather do it with a raging fire nearby. So, gotta run - but if I run into any other half-ravens I will send them your way." *minabi pockets one of STORM's fallen feathers* "In exchange for the guide book, you can have this." *minabi vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a canteen engraved with 清酒 on the ground*
Hi, my name is Artwork, I'm a lonesome wolf passing by every now and then just to check up on things. Awoehh!
I am friendly and won't eat other RP'ers.
I like to be pet and cuddled with.
I can bite if you annoy me too much.
Or lick if I like you much!
I like dog treats, but I won't be persuaded by them.

I'm a lonesome wolf..
Waiting for a pretty wolf to cross my path! :)
"Hell yeah! Sake!" *She says out loud to herself, proudly hoisting the canteen.* "It was good trade; I was meaning to find someone to give that guide to anyways. And I figured they'd pick up a feather or two...I kind of like when people do. Hope I run into them again sometime. But until then...I know how I'm spending the rest of my evening!"

*Walks into the line of trees and climbs the sturdiest looking one. Opens canteen and starts drinking.* "Here's to you, Pyro'!"

*Stares down from the top of the tree and sees Artwolf.* "I've always liked wolves..."
OOC @Intro thread

*Sitting in the shadows far into the distance looking over the land*

"A ninja, an ESPer, a demi-human, an alien robot, a theif and a wolf. Wow it sure have become interesting... Wonder what I can do to stir everything up? Well I'll leave that for another day, dhuhuhu~

*Vanishes into the shadow*
*Dee spots a young man (Stealth) walking along the road. Dee approaches him* "Excuse me for a sec. Do you..." *As Dee looks up at the young man's face he sees his pale and emotionless expression. A shiver runs down Dee's spine.*
*Dee thinks to himself* "Talking with this guy might not be a good idea. I probably shouldn't get involved with him."

*Dee hurries down the road in the opposite direction, cowering from the aura that the young man was emitting. After gaining some distance Dee slumps down beside a tree and shifts off his mask and hood. Drops of clear liquid suddenly fall onto Dee's head*
"Huh is it raining?" *Looks up to see STORM on an overhanging branch. Dee jumps up surprised* "WAAAH! You frightened me for a second. Who are you and what on earth are you doing up there?"
「Geez, the people these days!」
*He exclaims in mild annoyance*
「And it's Raining...Screw That! I'll put an end to this.」
*The wind suddenly gusts and the overcast sky begins to move*
*and Faster*
*and FASTER*
*a person in the distance topples over by the torrent of air*
As Sen flew over the trees, the wind suddenly picked up and became erratic. "What the-?!" He exclaimed, but his voice was quickly carried away by the wind. The thrusters across his body began to flare wildly as they compensated for the sudden wind around him. Hovering for a second, Sen spotted a small clearing in the trees; he flew down and alighted on the grass. The thrusters on him quickly folded themselves back into his body, armor plating sliding and locking into place over them. He looked to his sensors in order to find the cause of the sudden disturbance in the weather, but found nothing that made physical sense. Sen began to walk among the trees looking for anything out of the ordinary when he spotted a man(Stealth) among the trees.
Her name...was Mizuko. She appears to be human, but her true species, age, and origin are unknown.

Her hair was bright white, and styled in a bob that shone brilliantly. Her eyes were pinkish-purple, and had an alluring quality to them. Her body was that of a youth, being around 5'4", lean, and having a small bust. Her hips were shapely, and her buttocks round and firm.

Being a person who detested constricting clothing, she wore but one outfit (minus the fishnets and heels), which she loved. Her clothes mysteriously never wear. She wore white ankle socks with frills at the top and these shoes.

Her temperament is usually very calm, almost oblivious and childlike. She can, however, become very moody, and is easily annoyed/angered. She is very loving to those who she becomes friendly with (though those are few and far between). There is a chance that she may be yandere as well.

Her weapon of choice is the kusarigama. She does not delight in fighting or causing others harm, but she does not hesitate when she is threatened. Also in her arsenal are pink smoke bombs, which have the pleasing scent of cherry blossoms when employed.
*as Mizuko sits on the steps of a forgotten shrine in the forest, she notices the weather quickly becoming windy*

"Aa~ah. This wind is no good for Mizuko's skin. *she looks around the forest, noticing that quite a few new persons had unknowingly entered into her midst*

"...What is it that these fools are doing...I wonder...?"


*Lazily drops the now empty canteen and looks down and sees the startled Dee.*

Slurring in her speech: "Woahh... Who're you~?" * Hiccups and abruptly falls out of the tree and lands on her bum.* "Ouuchh... I think I may've had a 'lil too~ much to drink..." *Pulls up on her tank top and brushes leaves off her shorts.*

"One sec... Lemme' get mah sword 'nd stuff real quick." *Stretches out her wings for a moment, then clumsily flys up to the branch, grabs her belongings and shoots back down to the ground.* "Name's STORM... how 'bout you?" *Hiccups as she extends her arm for a fist-bump.*

*having heard the commotion going on in an area near her, Mizuko, using the trees as cover, quietly approaches the spot where a tipsy STORM and startled Dee are interacting*

"Why do these people always wander in these woods drunk? They have no sense..." *she thinks to herself*

*Mizuko continues to watch from behind a tree*
I am Echonir. A shady stalker of an undetermined species due to the fact that I always wear a mask. I'm also of a young adult age (22-28).

I am tall, just under 6ft (2m), and lean, 140lbs (63.5kg). From what can be seen I have light brown, sorta blond hair. In addition to the mask I wear a tactical vest with a patch that say UAC on the back. Overall I'd say like this but with shorter and darker hair, also not a woman.

I'm relatively neutral and sit back and watch for fights or anything of interest from the shadows with a sniper rifle. When a fight does occur I'll sit back and watch it play out and take down the victor. Calm and sly, I'll try to avoid conflict unless I know I can end up on top.

*Watches Mizuko approach some others and then hide behind a tree while onlooking through the scope of his rifle*

*STORM's canteen bonks off Dee's head before hitting the ground. Dee stands there stunned and wide-eyed while watching STORM fly up and back down.* "Y-you have wings?" *Dee subconsciously raises his hand to return the fist-bump.* "You do look a bit tipsy though. But still... Oh, my apologies. I'm Dee, just another drifter in this unforgiving wasteland. I-I don't believe I've ever seen a winged human before. That really surprised me just then."
*Mizuko, having watched Dee and STORM for several minutes, decides to come closer. Unsure of what their intentions are, she stays hidden, but takes a smoke bomb into her hand in case she needs a diversion. She then notices STORM's luminous black wings...*

"...Black wings...She must be a demon. The other one (Dee) doesn't look like much, but this winged creature could be troublesome" *she thinks to herself*

*Mizuko continues to carefully watch the pair, readying herself for a possible altercation. Somewhere, in the back of the mind, she feels that she herself is being watched.*
*BAMPF* <<---That's a sound effect

「What a peculiar sight, and what exactly are you doing?」
*Said as he peers over Mizuko's shoulder*
*startled, Mizuko turns quickly and attempts to sweep Stealth's legs*
*minabi is wandering about the forest talking to himself and stumbles upon Mizuko's shrine*

"Are there no fires on this planet? Damn... at this rate I might end up paying some people to start them. And that's cheating. If I'm going to do that, I might as well start them myself... Hey, this shrine would look great if it were on fire. But it isn't. Ahhhh...."

*Mizuko makes contact with his legs and is forced back instantly*

「What exactly are you trying to do?」
"Nothing is happening around here really... Alrighty then! I'll build this little room with one chair and table."
"Now there is a lovely buttom on top. Lets see how many will sit on the chair and press the buttom"

"This will be fun~"

*Hides and watching*